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Welcome to the gallery of handwoven pieces

These pieces have recently been finished or sold. Some of them have been in a exhibition or are now somebody elses property. All of them are designed and produced by Ursula Stehle.
These articles might give you an idea of Ursula's style and product range. If you should find something you really like and would like to order, please don't hesitate to get in contact with Ursula.

Rep weave placemats, cotton, best of exhibit weaving RNA 2009
Bamboo shawl, purple, pink and gold
Alpaca blanket in shadwo weave
Mountain view, woven in leno lace, cotton
This was the view of my parents chalet in Switzerland, Hasliberg

Best use of colour, Handwoven magazine 21. Century T-towel competition 2006

Sewing thread scarf,painted, from John Shaw Nielson exhibition 2007
Two leno pieces from the John Shaw Nielson exhibition 2007, diasy and desert pea, cotton
Bamboo scarves on comission 2011
Partner placemats in double weave, two ways of using it, two sides, cotton
Two cushions, taquete, cotton
 Gallery of Handweaving